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Title: 'Amur Leopard' 

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Authenticity: This is an original painting by Alexandra McCusker-Stevenson. This is not a copy or a print, it is a one of a kind artwork. 

Alex the artist will personally sign and date the back of the painting. She will also put her initials on the front of the painting. 

Dimensions: Width 50cm, Height 50cm, Depth 4cm

The painting does not come with a frame.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas.

Delivery: The artwork will be securely packaged and sent with a tracked and signed for service. 

Commissions:  Please visit the commissions page and view the process of commissioning your own piece. 

One of the most provoking artworks I have produced to date. Uplifting colours and attention to detail is within this work and brings the leopard alive. It has an alert expression and perhaps fear in its breathtaking eyes. For such a special animal to be so bright and mysterious, having its habitat removed and being forced to hide is truly awful. 

Using an array of washing I enjoyed putting in colours that one may not notice on a wild animal. Pinks and blues pop off its chest, whilst the blacks make out the creatures own pattern. 

It is devastating what is happening to endangered species and how quickly they are declining. 

Here is some information on Leopards:

-The Amur leopard is important ecologically, economically and culturally. Conservation of its habitat benefits other species, including Amur tigers and prey species like deer.


leopard in situ_edited.jpg
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