About the Artist and Work

Live and study in Derbyshire, UK. Currently in my final year studying for a fine art degree. 


My artwork is inspired and created from my travels and wildlife. Within each painting my aim is to make the viewer see more than just paint on canvas. I want them to be able to see life and movement.

Please contact me for commissions and paintings. 

I am passionate about Animal welfare and the environment . Producing paintings around this subject is my ongoing aim, with the hope to raise awareness. 

South Africa

Some of these paintings are inspired by my travel to South Africa. I stayed and worked in Kynsna elephant park situated along the Garden route. The elephants depict in my paintings are the most amazing creatures. I spent everyday with them for three weeks, and got to see their way of life and how they understand the world. There are seven elephants (Sally's herd) and I was able to develop relationships with them as individuals and as a group, which I feel comes across in my paintings. I was volunteering with a research organisation called AERU


Devon's coast, one of my favourite places, having had many memorable holidays and in turn many amazing photos. These photos and memories have inspired my paintings . My aim within these pieces is to imply movement, whether its the sea, mud, boats or even just to make it feel a bit more alive. I feel I capture this element and each work provides an experience. 


Having lived in Jasper, Canada for 6 months, I became very familiar with its mountains. Whilst there, I saw countless sunrises and they have inspired my work. I must say Canada is the best place for a dramatic sky, especially in the Rockies. Ever since being exposed to this my use of colour has become more confident and bold.